Andy Beard Pied Piper of PayPerPost or Emperor’s Tailor?

I cam home tongiht and noticed an unusual amount of traffic coming from one of my favorite sites and discovered Andy had amswered a question of mine in one of his recent posts. The post is titled : The Pied Piper Of PayPerPost?
and ins it Andy addresses Google’s interpretation of PayPerPost as gaming PageRank.

If you are interested in blogging as way to earn money then you may have heard of PayPerPost . There are no paid post on this site however , I do use PPP on other blogs and have made a chunk of money using the Pay-Per-Post service. I will post more in detail about PayPerPost in my Blog for Money 101 Series later this week.

I have worked as a link builder for a very successful SEO company. My job was to manage links and fin creative ways to garner links for over a 100 sites at a time. Link building can be a dirty word in SEO circles- until other SEO’s want you to list a handful of their site on your PR6 pages. I can say that many WELL KNOWN SEO’s who publicly claimed that reciprocal links or 3-way links had no value on popular forums would email me regularly to trade links.

I am not a link snob. If the link is relevant and has a place in the site- fine with me.
Reciprocal links are rarely brought up any more. Embedded link are the ideal. A keyword wrapped in context on a related site with PR is the Holy Grail of links.

There is no more PERFECT opportunity for this golden triangle of context ,content and relevance to occur than on a blog. Blogs are well crawled and indexed quickly. They have tons of content and most topics can be related to almost anything.

You can spin almost any term into a blog post that will fit into your sites content. In the beginning its a challenge- but with practice it comes easily. If you want to make money blogging this is the single most important skill to learn. LEARN TO SPIN. NICHE.

PayPerPost figured this out and found a way to market. Other companies have done the similar but PPP is really running with it.

They have pissed off a lot of people. SEO’s not withstanding.
I have not seen such public scorn in SEO communities for a practice since “link Directories” and “reciprocal links”

SEO’s HATE PayPerPost- publicly anyway.

There are very few high profile Internet Marketers who acknowledge using the services. Andy Beard is one of them.
Not only does he use the service- he talks about PayPerPost. He displays a badge in his website. I love him for it.

Not only has Andy outed himself- but he is shaking up things. He is challenging the accepted. He questions Google’s practices and does so in plain view. He is asking questions people just don’t ask. He is challenging the all mighty and all powerful. The beast that we have created.

Is Andy right? Is he not only leading us over the cliff and into the sea ? Maybe. But at the same time he also telling us to look closer- demanding that we examine and decide if in fact the Emperor has no clothes.

I encourage anyone interested in Internet Blogging or learning how to make money with a blog to subscribe to Andy Beard’s Niche Marketing feed.

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