Blogging 101: #4 Setting Up Your WordPress Blog- Getting An FTP Client

Steps To Installing WordPress Blog

First if you have not downloaded the latest version of WordPress go do it now. Download WordPress here

Get an FTP client. This is what is used to upload files ( like WordPress , themes, plugins, etc) to your server. You can also download files from your server as well as edit.

What is an FTP Client?
An FTP Client is a software application that is transfer files to your server and from your server. You will have received FTP info from your host company when you registered your domain/bought host package.

If you do not have a server- read Setting Up Your Blog- Choose Domain Name and Host

FTP Clients

You may all ready have an ftp application ( client) if not- there are several free ones available.
I am not familiar with all of the ones below- if you are having trouble let me know and I will try and help. They are all basically the same- one one side will be a browser and they other files on your server. If you do a search you will find lots of “free” ftp clients- but most are free trials. You will need to ftp client on an on-going basis. By all means go and buy one as well or if you have a friend that has multi-user license and can install for you you go ahead. I like FlashFXP.

List of Free FTP-Clients

These are FREE programs, not “free” to try

FileZilla makes great products in general- here is there free FTP client:
NETFile FTP Client
FTP Commander

All of the above ftp clients have manuals and instructions on their sites. Use may vary from application to application bit they all basically work the same way.

If you know of other free ones you would like to recommend- please do and I will post link here.

How Do You Set Up an FTP Client?

Set up You FTP client with your server info-sent to you by your hosting company.

You will have received something like this in a an email:

FTP Server: will ALMOST always be your domain name like or whatever yours is. you may not need the www . SOMETIMES when account is new and your domain is not set up you will be assigned a temporary server address until your domain is setup.
You can also change your user/pass in the admin panel and add ftp for another user.

In your client add “new” site and input your server name ( what YOU call it- a nickname) , the server info and your user/pass .
Then connect, If all goes well you will “see” your server on the right side of the client.

Why Won”t My FTP Work?

If all doesn’t go well the most common problem will be bad input. If you have copied/pasted user name or password you may have added a space by accident, the user/pass in case sensitive, wrong ftp server info, etc.

Once it is set up you are ready for next step, setting up your MySQL database and uploading and installing WordPress. You are getting close to your first post!

Any problems- post here in comments and will do my best to help.

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