Andy Beard Debunks SEO “Expert” Standard Practices

Andy takes a very thorough look at an interview done by Eric Enge at Stone Temple Consulting with Matt Cutts. The topic is how crawlers and Google see noindex pages in robot.txt files and how they affect page rank. This leads to Andy making some key points on the way robots view pages on a site and how dangling pages may be causing a page rank leak- among other things. The article is not a dry as I make it sound :-)
Take 15 minutes to read the Interview and then read Andy’s brilliant analysis in his post, SEO Link Gotchas Even the Pros Make and reflect on it a bit- there is a lot of meat in this post.
Guaranteed you are making at LEAST one major mistake Andy mentions.

Andy also looks at the IMPROPER use of nofollow tags and trend of slashing and burning of outbound links.

I have mentioned this before as I see rampant paranoia among web designers and developers and think the the worst is yet to come. I feel a bit like Chicken Little sometimes ;-)

Andy points out that adding useless nofollow tags , removing outbound links that used to be standard i.e. links to web designer’s site sloppy removal of reciprocal links pages has created untold number of dangling pages and he outlines the nasty effect this has on a site.

The article really is brilliant. I feel like I am in danger of fast becoming and Andy Beard Groupie :-)

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