The DoFollow Directory- Why Follow and Add Your Site?

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I have been experimenting with easy (- ish) way for sites to build valuable content. On of the tools is using a link directory script to create different types of directories. I have added The DoFollow Directory. The directory is for blogs that follow- blogs that allow links/URLs in comment section of blog to be followed by search engines. By default WordPress and other blog software add nofollow tags to any links contained in a comment. Most bloggers are unaware of this. The function was set up with good intentions- to discourage spam.

However, there are so many sophisticated spam plugins now that it really isn’t necessary.
Blogs that have disabled the nofollow function are called dofollow blogs. If your site allows comments posted by bloggers to have a link back to their site, etc in their post. When you have a dofollow site add your blog to The DoFollow Directory- of course links are followed!

Why be A DoFollow Blog?

You can “reward” bloggers who comment on yor site- adding value to your blog- by allow their link to stand and pass on page rank to their site. Being a dofollow blog will help your traffic. It also is good blogging etiquette.

How Do I become a Dofollow Blog?

Do off the nofollow function in your blog software, It will take you 2 minutes. Download a dofollow plugin, I like this one
Andy Beard has put together a fantastic list of plugins for dofollow sites. He also began a Bumpzee community for dofollow sites and be sure to add you site there.

Let Others Know You Follow

Add your site to The DoFollow Blog Directory
Join the Bumpzee DoFollow community
Add a dofollow logo to your site.
Post about your decision to follow.
Create a page explaining dofollow movement.
Encourage comments.

You spam catchers (m Aksismet, etc )will catch most spammy comments. Dofollow bloggers do not keyword stuff their post. Most likley they will leave an on topic relevant post with a link to their own site in the name/url section.

Links to watch out for will have multiple urls stiffed into their post and the url they have in the name/url field will link to a site something like ringtones/Viagra/xxx site. Just mark them off to spam. The may bit be so obvious so take a quick look at the URL they have submitted.

I am pretty free with allowing comments. I tend to not allow ” nice post!” types comments however as they do not add value to my site and no thought has gone into them. If the post is relevant or adds value to my post and blog I go ahead and allow.

Useful Links:
Join Bumpzee DoFollow Community
Add Your Blog to DoFollow Directory
Do Follow Logo’s by Randa Clay
Andy Beard’s Dofollow List of plugins

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            42 Responses to “The DoFollow Directory- Why Follow and Add Your Site?”

            1. Thanks for this article. I will get a plugin for my blog to remove the “nofollow”. I had no idea this was an issue.

            2. It’s really interesting to read this post. I found your blog from post on the Audette Media blog. He was writing about links and had a link for a DO FOLLOW search. When I clicked on it I ended up here. And I’m glad I did. I have now bookmarked your site and I will be back.

            3. You did a great job on the DoFollow directory by the way, it looks very nice.

              Daryl Auclair’s last blog post..Harness the SEO Power of Press Releases

            4. Thanks for this article. I will get a plugin for my blog to remove the “nofollow”. I had no idea this was an issue.

            5. I’m really glad I found this site. I love the DoFollow directory. I made my blog a DoFollow blog, but not many people know about it. Trying to spread the word!

              This should help though. Thanks!

              Mike W.’s last blog post..Updates and Free Link Love

            6. Thanx for the dofollow site list and the article

              me to believe in dofollow and have removed nofollow from my blog template and added the badge on my blog

              but unfortunetly no one ever noticed it and i never saw my blog link in any dofollow blog list :(

              Pradeep’s last blog post..Big Bang Master List

            7. It’s really interesting to read this post. I found your blog from post on the Audette Media blog. He was writing about links and had a link for a DO FOLLOW search. When I clicked on it I ended up here. And I’m glad I did. I have now bookmarked your site and I will be back.

              14 Subat Sevgililer Gunu’s last blog post..Her Sevgiliye Ozel Farkli Hediye Secenekleri

            8. It really upsets me that Google has yoked blog/site owners with the task of “voting” for other sites in such a manipulative way. Yes, blog comment spam used to be rife not too long ago, but by using “nofollow” is like giving a monkey a hammer to fix a watch. (OK bad analogy. I haven’t had my coffee yet.)
              I wish the “dofollow movement” didn’t have to happen. Considering that MSN and Yahoo don’t seem to honour nofollow yet, maybe Google will rethink their position.

              John Pash’s last blog post..Testudo Rodinae

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            10. Thanks for the nice directory!!

            11. I love the look of your dofollow blog, I created a dofollow search/directory called

              It is different in that it include Web 2.0 links like bumpzee, mybloglog, blogcatalog groups pertaining to your blog can also be add to your submission.

              I really think we should work together an push this dofollow movement. I think it will create honest bloggers and blogs with meaningful content.

            12. If I find a blog interesting and it is a dofollow I might leave a comment.

              Otherwise I will not brother.

              I thing dofollow is good for more web traffic.

            13. Interesting to see the DoFollow movement spreading across the web. Think there’s a serious message here.

            14. I’ve just gone dofollow. Let’s hope for not too much abuse. As you say, Akismet already takes care of most of the automatd spam …

              malcolm coles’s last blog post..By: Guardian hides user profiles from google. An SEO trick? ? &#9734 malcolm coles &#9734

            15. Is a nice tool that I have installed in all my blogs, because it incentives peeps to talk in your post, to get involved, now that I did that, Im creating a community around my blogs :-)

              Linux’s last blog post..Como convertir imágenes NRG a ISO en Ubuntu 8.04

            16. Great idea switching to DoFollow. I recently made the switch myself and I think it helps encourage people to leave some feedback. Besides, why not spread some of the love to fellow bloggers.

              Justin Wright’s last blog post..Pulling Off the Moonwalk at Church

            17. thanks for the that great article and idea..i didn’t think before i understand that it will be very useful for two sides.thanks Lisa..

              jackie’s last blog post..Directors, Producers on Saw V

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            19. I think that a DoFollow site is a great asset for those of us who like to read blogs but worry that our time is wasted by nofollow backlinks. I recently started a new website called Happily Water Logged – Berkey Water Filters. I sell water filters and water purifiers that can purify water in seconds, even that disgusting standing water you see left on your driveway. Check my site out Water Purifiers by Berkey

            20. I think Google used it in good intentions, but I think it has hurt many webmasters in the long run. Like you said, there’s so many other ways to stop spamming. WordPress and other scripts should of never implemented it. I for one has added the do follow plugin in a few of my blogs and it has encouraged a lot of people into commenting and adding content to my site. It’s a great plugin, I will definitely add my do follow blogs to you directory.

            21. I think this nofollow has caused more bad than good. It allows large websites to not share to new websites, thus new websites have a tough time competing.

            22. I like it and the background and colors make it easy to readt

            23. I have noticed that my spam catcher catches around 99 percent of the spam. Still have to check it periodically for true non-spam messages that are getting classified as spam.

            24. I recently omitted the do follow attribute ans I’m really glad about it :)

            25. HI,

              Nowadays the trend has been set to maintain dofollow blogs. As it not only encourages the commentators to comment on the blog but also rewards them by the way of links.


            26. I just posted some new Free U Comment I Follow Buttons & Badges on my blog for anyone who wants a dofollow badge that’s a little more Web 2.0

            27. It’s really great to found blogs that are do follow. We all live in a world where blogging and SEO marketing is a way to earn for a living.:-) It’s good that there are group of people who wants to help each other in simple ways like this.

            28. its very hard to find such a blog which gives dofollow now a days…the people don’t want to share their ideas with others but we can surely say now that its not like this…thanks a lot…

            29. Yes, even in SEO forums you can tell people are holding back. If people pile in, the link juice is diluted anyway. As a newbie to this area, it is v. interesting when u understand the dofollow. It is a v. fine line between spamming and commenting. Is this a comment spam??!!

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            31. Dofollow is an excellent idea. To fight spammers, i guess we need a plugin that evaluates comment relevance to the post as score so it can auto do-follow if it is relevant.

              Currently, i’m thinking of having a check box to set follow or nofollow comment links.

            32. I added my site thanks

            33. too bad more people dont follow along on this issue :/

            34. I like the thought of having a dofollow blog because it entices more people to contribute to your blog by adding their thoughts, feelings, and comments.

              The whole point of having a blog is to encourage people to contribute to the conversation. You might as well reward them for doing so.

            35. Actually, I think blogs that apply the nofollow tag are actually ‘losing business’ as finding blogs that dofollow are getting more and more links from other sources as a result. But more importantly, the whole point of running a blog is to create a social network. Or am I missing something?

            36. I read in one of blog that google is punishing dofollow blogs, dir.

              Is it like that?


            37. It is great to see that more and more blogs are allowing the do follow command. I do agree with the idea that many of us spend alot of time reading and contributing to blogs and quality posts should be rewarded for the time and thought that goes into them.

              Yes many of us are turning to the internet to earn a living and recently even Google put out a document giving guidelines to webmasters for SEO (a subject that Google previously held close to their hearts and wouldn’t dream of giving away guidelines to).

              It’s great to see webmasters helping webmasters on the net and if you want to spam – you are only risking your own reputation.

            38. halo, i see in my blog comment rel=’external nofollow’
              how to change it to dofollow, thank you

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