Tuesday’s Tool: Make Inserting Links Into Blog Posts MUCH Easier with Copy To HTML Link Extension

This is something any blogger simply MUST have. One of the most awkward and cumbersome parts of writing a new blog entry for me has been inserting a link. It makes me nuts. I often have 7-10 tabs open in FireFox, I will find a great bit of text or an idea I want give credit to in my blog. I go back to my blog, write the post, think up some anchor text or go back to the inspiring site, copy the URL, back to my post draft, click create link button in my WordPress blog.. blah blah blah. Sometimes just not worth it and I take a pass and promise myself I will “write about it later” and it will end up in possible post purgatory aka Evernote.

The simple little little extension, Copy as HTML Link available for both FireFox and IE7 , has improved my ability to blog and add quotes and links add links ten-fold.
All you do is highlight text you want to use as anchor text, right click and you will have option to pick “Copy as HTML Link” , paste into post. DONE.

copy to html link extension screenshot

It is probably one of my top five favourite extensions and I use it constantly. After you install it you will seriously wonder how you did without for so long.

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Plugin Author’s website : Justin Watt

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            1. I downloaded the batch file for IE to desktop…double click to run it…its installed so I test it on a word or 2 and all it copys is the word…no link attached.

              What am I doing wrong?

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