Best 4 Column WordPress Themes: More Columns Mean Better Ad Space

One of my blogs needs a serious makeover. I have had the same look for 3 years and besides looking dated I am having space issues.
Prime real estate above the fold is long gone and you need to scroll several minutes to find the footer. The best solution I can come up with is to add another sidebar which mean I will go from a 3 column theme to a 4 column theme. Hard to to without looking crowded. I have avoided a theme change for many many reasons. Most of my images will need to be resized. I have spent months and months testing best ad placement and the thought of do it all over makes me cringe. Even now as I type I am re-thinking and wondering if there is another way.

I looked into just adding another column and widgetizing the WordPress theme that I use now, Gila . Perhaps some one else would like to take on this one? If you do know of or tackle yourself I am happy to place info here and link to it.

I am not sure I have the time or want to spend the time playing with it. It is tempting because if I over haul the theme I can place it on this site and use it as link bait.. but on the other hand time is big issue for me right now and since I would in effect have to learn how to add a column and widgetize I may not be doing anyone a service by giving them a flaky theme to use..,

I have always preferred a 3 columns theme with a 1-1-1 split and now I want to go to a 1-1-2 split. ( 1 sidebar on left , content , two sidebars on the right).

I also want the content section to be smack dab in centre so AdSense ads place in a post will be in reader’s front line of vision. I have fiddled with tables and wrapped code in theme templates and I much prefer to be able to drop code into a post whenever and wherever I want either manually or using Adsense-Deluxe plugin. A 4 column theme will laso free up more room for above the fold ads- both graphic and text link ads
Also, I have 3 125×125 spots for graphic ad and they have been filled. All advertisers demand ( and should!) above the fold placement for their ad and I have run out of space. if I put in another column I can double that lucrative space and have 6 125×125 ads running. Having a huge long line running down the sidebar of ads is cumbersome- readers can barely find what they are looking for and have to scroll down…. way down… . This ssems like best option an dconvinced it will give blog a cleaner look- as well as make advertisers happy.

My Picks for Best 4 Column WordPress Themes

The Gorgeous Dark Theme for WordPress from Bartelme Design I think I have a new eCrush. Deigns and graphics by this guy are absolutely stellar. Take a peek on his site for his other stuff. Other themes call also be seen and downloaded here.
best 4 column wordpress theme dark blues screen shot

Slined Mod 2.0 – If you know what you are doing in CSS change the reverse type colours.

best 4 column wordpress theme slined

NYcreds 3.0
newyork cred 4 column wordpres theme
NewYorker 3.0 – Get rid of the distracting images.
4 column new yorker theme for wordpress

Techicon 4 column WordPress Theme. This is quite nice.
wordpress theme 4 columns

Sensible Blogging So far this is front runner exactly the layout I was looking for in a 4 column theme.
sensible blogging 4 column theme for wordpress

Garden Theme 3.0- Quite possible the worst header I have ever seen. Could Also be called Pan’s Labyrinth theme Not only is is garish but takes up WAY too much above the fold real estate. I really like the layout however and may try this out.
ugly 4 column theme garden

Pink Identification Band Quadruple
Also come in baby boy blue. I think I would like content area to be bit more prominent however. Would have to see it on my blog before I ruled out, tho.

This is just about perfect but I think shading in backgrounds of sidebar and header will not jive with solid AdSense ads. I will try this and see if I can remove and add solid color.
best 4 column word press theme quadruple

Do you have a free 4 column wordpress theme? Have you seen some that I have missed? Please let me know.

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