Easy Way to Delete Podcasts from iPhone and iTouch

Not sure if I have mentioned but I really, really , really hate iTunes. I have a Creative Zen Mp3 player
that I love and usually use this for most of my MP3 playback. Another plus to using the Creative Zen is battery life is 20+ hours AND GET *MAYBE* 8 hours with my iPhone (3G).
I totally love my iPhone for pretty much everything else and would never part with it. I absolutely hates iTunes however. One feature that I do like about iPhone is the ability to download podcasts over-wi-fi. I can download my favourite podcasts directly to the phone without having to deal with iStore or iTunes basically with just one click.
I will say it it again:
I HATE iTunes!

Remove Podcasts From iPhone and iTouch

I have 44 episodes of my favourite podcasts on my iPhone and I can not get them off. Till now. Nothing I do in iTunes will remove them. I have spent about 3 hours searching for a fix with no luck. Today I accidentally found an EASY quick way o get rid of my podcasts and best of all its iTunes free.
It is so easy.
When in Podcast mode on iPhone/iTouch and you have list if various podcasts, go to the list of single type of podcast. The, swipe RIGHT to LEFT with finger across the podcast you want to delete and voila!!! A red delete button will appear and you can just delete.
Haven’t checked yet but may also work for music.
If there is someway to get rid of podcasts in iTunes, I still would like to know!

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            26 Responses to “Easy Way to Delete Podcasts from iPhone and iTouch”

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            2. I am kind of torn on the whole iTunes thing. On the one hand, it is, at least in regards to the PC, very bloated. I also think the way that Apple expects people to interact with their devices, like iPods and iPhones, is much too restrictive and have issue with their stance on licensing and digital rights management, although the latter is getting better.

              With that said, I think that they have innovated the concept of the music store. It is possible to find most any song imaginable and I think $1 is probably a fair price.

              iTunes also provides a platform where artists can directly sell their songs, bypassing the record labels, although you do have to give Apple a cut. This is the major selling point for me, because I think the ability of a band to market and sell their music in this manner is a big step in the right direction.

            3. I don’t have an iPhone but I do have an iPod. To delete a podcast from my iPod using iTunes what I do is:

              1) Delete the podcast from the iTunes on my computer.
              2) After the deletion I plug in my iPod to sync and iTunes automatically syncs my iPod to have exactly what I have in my iTunes (which now does not have the podcast).

              Hope this helps!

            4. Try this. Go into Itunes, synch up and find the podcast – under the advanced tab you can convert it to an acc file – you should be able to delete it then… I think.

              Good luck

            5. Thank you! Thank you! I’ve had some phantom podcasts that I’ve been trying to remove from my iPhone for months now and was utterly unable to. I’m very grateful to you for pointing out this easy fix.

            6. I’ve been trying to figure out how to delete podcasts from my itouch for a while. Thanks for the article.

            7. THANKS! I have spent hours trying to figure out how to delete podcasts. I even called Apple tech and they didn’t know! Obviously this was built into the system so why can’t you find it anywhere in the manuals?


            8. This befuddled me for a while. Everyone keeps saying just delete it. Well, you can’t. On some computers you can just delete. On others, you cannot. Here’s what I finally did and it worked.

              Click and drag the file into your trash can on the desktop.

              Let me know if that works.

            9. i don’t like this 3g. i can’t get a wi fi network and i can’t delete podcasts from it and i can’t even access my podcasts on it.

            10. Omg thanks so much what you posted worked and am elated

            11. how can i set the iphone up to delete those podcasts that have been listened to, and yet keep those that i have not?

            12. Hi.
              Thanks for the post!!!! You saved my iphone memory.
              I agree with you.. ITunes is a pain in the ass.
              Iphone is only cool on hardware, but I hate it on the rest…. There are so many things you can’t do and so dificult to understand some basic functions.
              I think that Steve is becoming like somekind of a “Hitler” He probably beleives he is some kind of God and wants averybody do the things the way he wants to.
              I prefer Android :)

            13. Thank you SO MUCH. Ive been trying to figure this out for like an hour now.

            14. Thanks Works Great

            15. AWESOOOMMMEE! Man, the swipe delete solution to rid iphone of podcasts is so easy – I had NO idea! Thanks for the tip!

            16. Oh man, thanks! How would anybody figure this out by themselves? APPLE? DO YOU READ THIS? NOBODY UNDERSTANDS YOUR STUPID UI! FIX IT!

            17. Yes, iTunes is a pain in the behind IMO. To delete podcasts straight form your iPhone: Go to podcasts. Select the one you want to delete. Then right-slide. A delete box will apear to the right of the podcast tittle. Then just click delete. Took me for ever to figure this one out. Jim

            18. Thanks! I was also scratching my head about how to delete those podcasts I had downloaded directly from Internet to phone. As far as iTunes on my Mac is concerned, they didn’t even exist on my phone! Hadn’t thought about swiping across them, but that gave me a delete button. Thanks again!

            19. Swiping a podcast to delete it. BRILLIANT!
              Why didn’t I think of that. I had downloaded some using “Get More Episodes..” from my iPhone and couldn’t get iTunes to delete them. Then I found this. Can’t believe I didn’t try it on my own.

            20. thank you.
              Deleting phantom podcasts works.

            21. Thank you! This was just the solution I was looking for. P.S. I don’t hate iTunes but the undeletable podcasts were bugging me!

            22. I spent hours trying to figure this out on my own and failed miserably. Thanks for the post!


            23. Thank you so much! You’ve saved my day :)

            24. Phew!! Thank you so much for this advise. Have read some other ways to do it but they all sounded way too difficult. This is so easy.

            25. Thank you! I feel so much better now having wiped all those old podcasts off my phone.

            26. Wow! Thank you for the wonderful tip.
              I love my I pod, but just hate the way you have to manage everything through Itunes. This will really help when syncing goes bad…..it’s so easy.

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