About Me

I live in small town in quaint village like setting just outside of Toronto, Canada. I am busy single mom and share my life with my 2 near-perfect kids.

I started blogging personally and for clients in 2004. I monetized my first blog in 2005.

My background is in retail and design. I owned retail stores up until I had my first child. I think my love of internet marketing career began in 1997 when i found eBay. I made money scouring thrift shops and garage sales and re-selling on ebay. Even then I released finding a niche you loved would make it work. I focused on used designer baby clothes and made over $3,000 a month. I was single mom with newborn baby and worked about 15 hours a week at the time.
I have always been a geek although back then was just a lowly nerd :-) . My father started out at IBM back in the 50′s and I knew binary code before I could read.

I currently focus my attention on my own sites. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to pick something you are passionate about if you are looking to earn money by blogging. My sites vary from homeschooling to camping to crafts.
I also own online store that sells craft supplies in Canada.

I currently work on my own blogs and service occasional SEO clients.
I also work as a political organizer and strategist for major political party in Canada.
I have had my hand in almost everything! Fundraising, SEO, graphic design, La Leache League volunteer, retail store owner, floral designer and teacher!

Currently I am sharpening my design and programming skills with an interest in HTML5 and mobile applications.