Link Building Services and Link Bait Tools

Cutting Edge Link Building and Link Bait Services

Lisa has been a professional link builder since 2001- for both small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. Always thinking outside the box as well as using tried and true strategies gets dramatic results for her clients.

Several strategies will be used help your site cast a bigger net on the web- and get more targeted traffic, more listings in search engine results pages and more conversions. The cornerstone to our link building efforts has been and deep understanding of the product or service you are promoting- is essential and the key our success with all our clients.
Blog Installation
To keep current or even ahead of your competition we strongly advise you incorporate an existing blog on your website. A blog can keep you in up to the minute contact with your current customers and POTENTIAL customers. Each blog post you make is value added content- content that will be searched and ranked in search engines and will drive more traffic to your web site.
Article Marketing Services
Original content will be written , distributed and published on related sites.

Link Bait Tools and Distribution

Give sites a reason to link to you. We can develop tools or concepts for distribution over the Internet that will increase traffic to your site- as well as quality backlinks from relevant sites.
What is link bait? Like the name implies- you are throwing out a lure to get people to come check you out. It could be a free tool, utility, contest or service that gets sites to put a link up on your site.
Examples of link bait:A wordpress plug-in or theme is a link bait tool. If you are a web developer and create a wordpress theme, every time some one install the them and uses it on their site- they are linking back to the developers site.

Free scripts for webmasters are a great way to get people to link to your site. Have an online toy store? Offer up a free online game others can install on their website. A travel agency? A free script that converts weather from Celsius to Fahrenheit.

Do you sell fine jewellery? Offer a contest for the most romantic wedding proposal story.

Do you want help building links to your site ? Do you have an idea but need some one ti help you build your tool? Are you lost and want some advice? Do you want your site to have more traffic and more conversions? Contact Lisa for help and immediate response.